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Secure Dentures

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CQR Denture trained Clinician, Kevin Campbell has over 38 years experience in constructing dentures and now offers Secure Dentures called CQR Dentures.

Benefits To Patient

Through decades of research and development the CQR process is the only denture made with our patented technology that is based on the actual movement of the human jaw.

Maximal masticatory function occurs when posterior tooth-supported occlusion is present. For the denture patient, this means that their dentures are based on 3D movement. The muscles of mastication will get stronger, hence their improved ability to chew a wider range of foods and in turn break the food down better. The benefits of this are that the patient can now regain the sensation of improved taste and also gain better nutritional value from their food, thus giving greater health benefits. By creating a healthy “functional matrix,” which includes strong muscle effort, this maintains proper bone health and joint function. In essence, the design most closely resembles orthopaedic requirements for a healthy joint.

The benefits, proven, to the patient

Time – Clients need less visits for fittings and adjustments “The usual time involved in the creation of a new denture for an individual patient can be as many as 8 appointments and 5 hours. With the CQR system there can be as few as 4 visits and 2 ½ to 3 hours.”

Comfort – CQR dentures fit and move more naturally “Since the CQR denture integrates the persons own neuromuscular dynamic functional pattern into the design of the chewing surfaces of the denture, there is no displacement of the denture bases in function and, therefore, no resultant areas of mechanical irritation or soreness.”

Security – Clients gain the confidence of a good, secure fit “With the confidence ingenerated with the security of these dentures in chewing motion and function, the patient generally adapts a more secure association with their dentures which allows them more comfort in extended social events.”

Taste – CQR dentures work better so clients can enjoy more of their favourite foods “The improved stability of the denture bases and chewing surface allows them to more completely masticate their food which, in turn, allows them to more fully taste the foods as more of the juices and fluids are expressed from the foods eaten.”

Health – Clients are able to get more from every bite “By being able to eat a wider range of foods and to better masticate foods, clients can get more nutrition from the foods they eat.

Aesthetics – CQR dentures allow the muscles and bones to grow strong “Because the CQR method is based on the 3D movement of the jaw, the muscles engaged are able to work as the are naturally intended. This can lead to move developed musculature in the face and a more aesthetic appearance.

Confidence – Clients gain the confidence to be themselves “A more secure fitting denture, that works more naturally allows clients to eat, smile and speak with confidence and enjoy all manner of foods.”

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